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HealthFit University

Health Fit Univeristy

HealthFit University is a certified team of professionals that offer the best  of the best in health and fitness education and implementation. Build a better, balanced, fat-burning, energized body for optimal performance.  

     • Certifies coaches endurance, strength,  health, corp.

     • Certifies health practitioners 

     • Continuing education credits

     • Helps all people seeking better health & fitness

We teach the art and science of health and fitness. Emphasizing maximum aerobic function (MAF), we bring together coaches, health practitioners and the public to help build a better world. HealthFit U

World OCR

World OCR, the Federation Internationale de Sports d'Obstacles

World OCR, the Fédération Internationale de Sports d’Obstacles (FISO) is the world governing body and sole competent authority for obstacle sports and related disciplines. We are an independent association composed of national member federations worldwide.

The Mission of World OCR is to promote the sport of Obstacle Course Racing and it's related  disciplines throughout the world, to lead Obstacle Racing, and meet the requirements as specified by the International Olympic Committee and the International Paralympic Committee. 



Introducing NULASTIN, the only rejuvenating formula for hair and skin that contains REAL ELASTIN. 

As we age, our skin loses firmness, elasticity and fullness, while our eyebrows and eyelashes thin and lose luster. This is due to the discontinuation or loss of elastin production after puberty.  ELASTIN is the missing link that keeps skin and hair youthful, vibrant and beautiful.

Following years of research, world renowned microbiologist, Dr. Burt Ensley identified the protein that stimulates production of elastin in the human body, and designed the process for recreating it.